A Shout Out from The Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

How nice of the Dallas Cowboys franchise to mention my book on its blog. The post is titled “Past/Present: Norman’s Book; McCray’s Shout-Out” and can be found here.

While the Cowboys are never short on current superstars, their legacy was built on legends, many of which have long retired from the game. Still, former Cowboys players and coaches constantly garner headlines, which will be captured in the ongoing “Past & Present Blog.” Here are some of the latest news items that have come from some members of the Cowboys’ alumni.

Pettis Norman’s New Book

One of the original Dallas Cowboys – tight end Pettis Norman – is sharing his memories with a new autobiography that includes tales from the Ice Bowl, Coach Tom Landry and many more of the Dallas Cowboys in the 1960’s.

Pettis recently wrote: The Pettis Norman Story: A Journey Through the Cotton fields to the Super Bowl and into Servant Leadership, which is available on Amazon for the holiday season…

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I really appreciate the exposure and the thoughtfulness of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. You can buy my book on Amazon just in time for Christmas! Click below, let me know what you think, and leave a review!