What an Announcement!



How great to start the month of December with a book launch! Yes, my autobiography is live on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier! I announced it on Facebook and hope you’ll join me there as well!

What a long and winding road getting here, and it was wonderful working with others who contributed to the book. For instance, Roger Staubach, one of the most iconic Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks, appears on several pages and had this to say about the book:

Looking back, everyone really respected Pettis. He was a really good football player. He got the job done as a receiver and was as good as anyone as a blocker. I got to know him as a human being and really like him as a friend. Pettis is someone who has been a positive force in trying to continue to overcome discrimination. He’s been able to get his message across in a very positive way. I’ve always had respect for the way he handles things. He’s a good man.

What a wonderful endorsement! I appreciate Roger and the support he’s shown me as I prepared The Pettis Norman Story: A Journey through the Cotton Fields, to the Super Bowl, and into Servant Leadership for publication.

I hope you enjoy the book this holiday season — a great Christmas gift!

My faith guided me during my NFL career and I joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) early on with the Cowboys. This organization lists four core values for its ministry — Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence — values that I have always embraced in my personal and professional life. Many thanks to John White who shared this photo of Roger Staubach and me on Facebook. It was at the very first FCA Banquet at Midland Lee High School in 1971 (Midland, TX). The organization is still going strong in Midland 50 years later and many professional athletes and coaches have joined FCA and taken on leadership roles to communicate their Christian faith and participate in community outreach programs.